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      Environmental and energy liability


      Our longevity in the environmental impairment liability insurance segment allows Markel to utilize our financial strength to back our policyholders’ commitments. Additionally, Markel policyholders have access to our specialized in-house environmental claims unit and loss control and risk management teams.


      • Commercial general liability
      • Contractors pollution liability
      • Professional liability
      • Environmental impairment liability

      General liability

      • Contractors and consultants who provide predominantly environmental services
      • Manufacturers and distributors with environmental exposures arising out of their facility or their products
      • Environmental labs and testing facilities

      Contractors pollution liability

      • All types of contractors including generalists, trade, artisan, or environmental
      • Coverage provided for lead, asbestos, mold, and transportation pollution liability

      Environmental professional liability

      • Environmental engineers and consultants
      • Remediation professionals
      • Air quality and industrial hygiene consultants

      Environmental impairment liability (EIL)

      • Manufacturing, commercial, industrial, habitational, and municipal facilities
      • Product recall and products pollution available by endorsement

      Maximum limits of liability

      • $15,000,000

      Product sheet

      Environmental and energy liability leadership

      John Termini
      Managing Director, Environmental Product Line Leader