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      Public entity reinsurance


      Markel’s public entity reinsurance team provides customized solutions for governmental risk pools, trusts, reciprocals, and JPAs.

      Target classes

      • Municipalities (cities, towns, villages)
      • Schools (public, K-12, community colleges, charter)
      • Special districts (water, sewer, park)
      • Public housing authorities
      • Non-profits
      • Counties



      • General liability
      • Auto liability
      • Police professional
      • Public officials E&O
      • School board E&O
      • Incidental medical malpractice
      • Employment practices liability
      • Employee benefits
      • Garage keepers legal liability


      • Minimum SIR of $100,000
      • Minimum premium $350,000
      • Offer reinsurance or direct excess insurance as excess of loss with up to $10m in capacity. On reinsurance placements we can consider participating along with other markets.



      • $50m in all risk capacity
      • $25m of flood and earthquake coverage
      • Up to $10m in California earthquake
      • Up to $10m critical wind

      DataBreachsm (cyber liability)

      Available coverages

      Liability arising from

      • Identity theft
      • Privacy violations
      • Malicious use of the member's system
      • Distribution of virus, malware, or other harmful code
      • Regulatory investigations, including PCI-DSS actions

      Breach mitigation expenses such as

      • Notification to affected individuals
      • Voluntary credit monitoring
      • Public relations expenses
      • Legal fees and other necessary expenses incurred to comply with security breach notice laws

      DataBreach loss to member (first-party coverage)

      • Data and system restoration
      • Extra expense to remain functional while recovering from an incident
      • Forensic investigation
      • Loss of money, securities, or other financial instruments
      • Extortion demands

      Electronic media liability arising out of the content of the member's website

      • Libel, slander, or defamation
      • Invasion of privacy or infringement of the right of publicity
      • Emotional distress, mental anguish
      • Copyright, service mark, trademark infringement

      Product sheet

      Public entity reinsurance leadership

      Tod Costikyan
      Senior Managing Director, Head of Specialty

      Philip Freda
      Managing Director, Public Entity Reinsurance

      Markel Global Reinsurance underwriting contacts

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      Public entity offices

      • Glen Allen, Virginia

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