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      Casualty treaty reinsurance


      Markel’s casualty treaty reinsurance team provides reinsurance for all types of casualty risks, including general casualty, medical malpractice, professional liability,  environmental liability, transaction liability, and automobile liability for national, regional and specialty clients, including stock, mutual, excess and surplus lines and captive companies.

      Target classes

      Professional liability

      • Management and professional liability with a focus on D&O and ancillary lines, all types of E&O including lawyers / solicitors, design, surveyors, miscellaneous and cyber

      General liability

      • General liability, umbrella, excess casualty, clash, employers liability, public liability, products liability, products recall, and multi-line products

      Transaction liability

      • Mergers and acquisitions (representation, warranty and indemnity), tax, contingent liability, and specific litigation

      Environmental liability

      • Pollution legal liability, contractors pollution, professional liability, and associated lines

      Medical malpractice

      • Physicians, surgeons, hospitals, and allied health care, long-term care, managed care

      Automobile liability

      • Nonstandard, commercial and personal lines

      Product sheet

      Casualty treaty reinsurance leadership

      Jed Rhoads
      President and Chief Underwriting Officer

      Don Bahr
      Head of Casualty Reinsurance

      Markel Global Reinsurance underwriting contacts

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      Casualty treaty offices

      • Bermuda
      • London, England
      • Summit, New Jersey
      • Glen Allen, Virginia
      • Tokyo, Japan

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